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Welcome To MPPFA Local 3617

All members of the Midway Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3617 are also part of the Professional Firefighters Assocation of South Carolina along with members of the International Association of Firefighters. The organization is comprised of over 350,000 members across North America. If something were to happen to you or a family member virtually anywhere in the United States or Canada, the IAFF locals in the area will be there to offer any assistance you need.


IAFF members who had emergencies were taken care of-no questions asked! The IAFF locals are there to assist when needed. The IAFF was there for its members in Florida and Texas in the summer of 2017 during the devastating hurricanes again in 2018-2020. The IAFF coordinated relief efforts for its members and all firefighters in these areas. We will do the same in South Carolina. 

The 2020 year has been a year that none of us will never forget but a awesome year for the IAFF in South Carolina. The Firefighter Cancer Benefit Plan was established and read into law a milestone for the state of South Carolina, the IAFF and all firefighters. 

  • MPFFA Benefits

  • Brother and Sisterhood, something that is common in the fire service. We protect our own. 

  • The purpose of the local is to support the firefighters of Midway Fire Rescue with our mission to serve the citizens of the Waccamaw Neck. As an advocacy group, we need to support ourselves, so we can support the community.

  • Advocacy group made up of career members of Midway Fire Rescue. 

  • ​Financial Assistance from Local 3617. 

  • Disaster Relief Assistance

  • Burn Reflief Assistance

  • Emergency or Disaster Assistance

  • Legal representation (PFFASC, IAFF)

  • Scholarships

  • Lower rates for mortgages and insurance

  • Banking services, including a mortgage loan program

  • Discounts on vacations, including Disney Resorts

  • Corporate and member IAFF credit cards

  • Catastrophic Major Medical Insurance Plan

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

PFFASC Benefits

•PFFASC Lobbyist —The PFFASC has two executive board members serving as registered lobbyists. Visit our Legislation page to learn more about South Carolina fire fighter legislation.

• The PFFASC can assist locals with public safety matters such as: Fire and EMS budget cuts, under-staffed fire apparatus, layoffs, and unsafe working conditions.

• Legal — Workers’ compensation and personal injury provided through Chappell Smith & Arden with free consultations and a 25% fee. Normal rates are 33%.

• Labor Attorney — Provided by Ortner Law Firm with free consultation and 25% off hourly rate.

• Life Insurance — All members receive $3,500 term life policy with American Income Life Insurance at no charge.

• Disability Insurance — Short-term and long-term disability insurance for injuries to members, both on and off duty.

• Discounts — No charge to state members for additional discounts on eye, hearing, prescriptions

and chiropractic plans.

• Transparent internal and external IAFF communications for PFFASC members, community members, municipalities and politicians, and the news media. 

IAFF Benefits

•IAFF Disaster Relief Fund — Disaster Relief funds are available to IAFF members who are displaced from their homes as the result of a disaster these include man-made disasters, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other events.​

•IAFF Burn Fund— Burn Fund assistance may be awarded for the purpose of providing financial assistance for temporary emergency expenses when an IAFF member and/or a member of their immediate family (spouse and children) suffer a burn injury which requires admission to a burn center, resulting in a financial hardship. Disbursements shall only be granted for immediate travel, housing, food, medical supplies, services, and other similar assistance as deemed necessary.

• Wellness-Fitness Initiative — The IAFF has dedicated itself to developing a holistic,

positive, rehabilitating and educational

approach to wellness and fitness programs in the fire service.

• Center of Excellence — The IAFF Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery is an in-patient, residential facility exclusively for IAFF members to treat addiction and other co-occurring disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Center is staffed by a highly experienced and specialized team that is familiar with the unique needs of our members and the fire service culture.

• Pension Plan Reports — The IAFF pools

resources from all over the country to analyze pension plans to ensure that they are adequately funded and prudently invested in to ensure our members can enjoy their hard-earned retirement.

• Cancer Awareness and Prevention —

The IAFF provides online training to assist

members to better understand their cancer

risk, know the exposures to carcinogens on

the job and reduce the risk of occupational



• GIS Study — The IAFF and PFFASC can

assist municipalities with comprehensive

information on fire department staffing and

deployment for fire suppression and the

effectiveness of fire-based emergency

medical services systems through GIS


• Hazardous Materials Training — Taught by

IAFF instructors, these grant-funded training opportunities enhance our members’ role in public safety and keep them safe.

• Fire Ground Survival — The purpose of the IAFF Fire Ground Survival program is to

ensure that training for Mayday prevention

and Mayday operations are consistent

between all fire fighters, company officers

and chief officers.

• SAFER Grants — PFFASC receives

assistance from the IAFF to apply for

federally funded grants that help fire

departments increase and/or maintain the

necessary number of fully trained fire fighters in their community.

• NIST Studies — The IAFF works with the

National Institute of Standards and

Technology (NIST) to conduct studies and

provide data to keep fire fighters and

communities safe.

Midway Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3617 is accepting all members from career probationary firefighters to the rank of Captain that are employed by Midway Fire Rescue. 

Battalion and Fire Chiefs can join and will be apart of the IAFF Alumni Program. 

Affiliate Member

Complete Application Below


Affiliate IAFF members are not responsible for the $40.00 Initial fee. The initial fee was already paid by the other affiliate IAFF in prior employment. 

Dues are $15.00 per pay period with a total of $390.00 per year. This has to be set up immediately upon joining Local 3617. 

This will be a deduction from each paycheck. Set up will be explained and is an easy process. 

New IAFF Member

Complete the application below


A $40.00 check made out to Midway Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3617. 

The check will be delivered to any executive officer within Local 3617. 

Dues are $15.00 per pay period with a total of $390.00 per year. This has to be set up immediately upon joining Local 3617. 

This will be a deduction from each paycheck. Set up will be explained and is an easy process. 

Two Beginning Member Types

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