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Midway Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3617


Orginally formed as South Strand Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics Association, Local 3617 on March 1st, 1995 but has changed over the years just like the area it covers. At its inception, the association was open to all departments in the Grand Strand.  As the area grew many departments broke off and formed their own associations, however, the name was kept unchanged.  In 2014, members decided to make the move and change the name to Midway Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 3617.  The members recognized the old name did not accurately represent the membership and many felt it was time to form their own identity. Midway Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3617 is part of the International Association of Firefighters located in Washington D.C. residing in the 12th district of the IAFF. Local 3617 is also members of the South Carolina Professional Firefighters Association. We are strong and supported by many. 


Membership has steadily grown over the years from a handful of members to its current level of over 40 members.


We are proud to serve our community and strive to do so in a professional manner on a daily basis.  We serve a unique area which experiences a substantial influx in visitors during the summer months.  This increase in population leads to its own set of challenegs and we continually strive to meet the demands of our customers (the public) in a manner which exceeds their expectations.

Midway Fire Rescue is made up of around 65 personal working out of three stations (North Litchfield Beach, Pawleys Island, Debordieu Colony). The department handles over 3,500 calls annually. Midway Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3617 works hand-in-hand with Midway Fire Rescue as all members of Local 3617 work for Midway Fire Rescue.

Our department is also home to many different special operation divisions and teams that include a technical rescue division, water rescue division, a hazardous materials response team and others.

As we continue to grow our local, we look forward to increased interaction with our local community and its charities. We want to continue to make Midway Fire Rescue the best place to work in the grand strand. Our membership is a diverse group coming from all over the country to the Grand Strand. It is this wide knowledge base that we strive to use and make ourselves into a progressive organization.


We strive to offer support to our members through education, training along with relief in the face of tragic outcomes that include weather related storms, hurricanes but also tuition assistance for school (IAFF) and mental health services. 


Our organization, Midway Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3617 is a registered 501c5 organization that is recognized by the State of South Carolina and the Federal IRS. 

In closing, IAFF Local 3617 will continue to always learn from those who have served before us, and to always remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and have gone on. Never forget.

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