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Our Mission:

The purpose of Midway Professional Fire Fighters Association is to promote the brotherhood and understanding between all members of the fire and rescue services within Georgetown County, the state of South Carolina and Nationwide. 

We seek the following:

  •   To place the members of the association on a higher plane of skill and efficiency;

  •   To encourage the formation and improvement of sick and death benefit funds;

  •   To encourage the formation of schools of instruction for imparting knowledge of

    modern and improved methods of rescue services, fire prevention and suppression;

  •   To promote harmonious relations between fire and rescue services’ employees and

    our employers;

  •   Cultivate friendship and fellowship among our members;

  •   To promote the establishment of just and reasonable hours and working conditions;

  •   To secure for our services and equitable settlements of our grievances; 


We do not wish, intend, or plan to strike; or to ever dismiss, minimize, or forget the responsibility we have to the citizens that we are held to protect. 

The Mission of the International Association of Firefighters:
Each and every one of us is responsible to ourselves, our families and those we work with to come home safe. Our mission is to get you home safely every day. 

We fight for safe and reasonable work conditions and fair compensation for the work we do. We also look out for the communities we serve to ensure that our departments are providing the best emergency response possible to protect our citizens.



Midway Fire Rescue

Yearly Call Volume

2023  -  0000

2022  -  0000

2021  - 4,122

2020  - 3,532

 2019 - 3,914  

  2018 - 3,405   

 2017 - 3,605 

2016 - 3,854

2015 - 3,400

2014 - 3,002

2013 - 2,628

2012 - 2,296

2011 - 2,323

2010 - 2,244

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